Established by Axxent Masters in Tea in 2009

The founders of Axxent Tea Masters, wanted to give something back to the countries where they have been manufacturing their unique and beautiful tea products with the help of the local population. Bringing knowledge and employment was not enough for the owners of Axxent. From the first day they visited Sri Lanka, they were touched by the warmth of the people and the poverty in which some unfortunately still life. In 2009 they founded the Fair Grounds Foundation with its primary objective to improve the living and working conditions of people in tea producing countries.

After a thorough evaluation of various projects, they choose to build a nursery, a so called pre school. In 2010 they began with the construction of this nursery on the Bogawantalawa tea estate Norwood, New Valley Division in Sri Lanka. Total project investment amounted up to 17,500 US dollars, whats been definitely worth every Penny. Today 25-40 children, mainly children of tea pluckers, still enjoy the good nursery in a nice and clean accommodation with good sanitation. The owners of Axxent visit Sri Lanka a few times per year and always pay a visit to the project. It remains their responsibility to keep the nursery in a good condition. Building of many more nurseries by the Foundation followed.

Certification mark

On the packaging of various tea products among which Sunleaf Original Teas, you will find the Fair Grounds certfication mark. Since the Fair Grounds Foundation will also be active in India from 2021, a new logo has been created. Where the outlines of Sri Lanka are visible in the previous logo, the new logo is not geographically bound. A cheerful logo that refers to the elements that ensure a delicious cup of tea: sun, earth, the tea plant and water.

The wordings 'Fair' and 'Grounds' in the Foundation name stand for fair deals, fair reason, fair planet and fair motivation of ones behaviour. .

Board members

Board of the Foundation consists of the following people:

  • Pim J. Oostrom, president
  • Arnoud J. Francken, vice president
  • Margriet Oostrom, secretary

The board members do not get a salary.


Besides donations, funds are created by reserving a fixed amount of € 0,50 per kilo sales of, among others, Sunleaf Original Teas (, a quality tea brand produced in Sri Lanka.


The Foundation is established in November 2009, is a Public Benefit Organization (ANBI charities) and is registered at the Chamber of Commerce under number 30273952 / RSIN 8215 06 316.

Annual Report

The annual report can be dowloaded by clicking on the button below. The annual report is facilitated pro deo by Van Oers Accountancy & Advies, The Netherlands.



As a core value, Axxent encourages environmental protection and improvement of the working and living conditions in tea producing countries. Axxent does so through their own Fair Grounds Foundation® where the allocation of the financial and social contribution is focused on projects where they can make a real difference like education, housing and healthcare.   

The Foundation strongly supports the idea from and for origin. Sunleaf Original Tea, a quality tea brand of Axxent Masters in Tea being produced in Sri Lanka, directly supports the people in origin. A fixed part of the Sunleaf turnover, € 0,50 per kg sold, is directly contributed to the Foundation. The allocation of that contribution is focussed on projects where the Foundation can make a real difference. By Choosing Sunleaf Original Tea you directly support the local people, people proud of their country where Sunleaf tea originates. 

<h2>How We Work</h2>

How We Work

The Foundation works closely together with local partners and upon each visit an evaluation is made if, where and how to contribute. Based on an investment plan, the board decides whether to accept the plan and do the investment. 

Once a project starts, the Foundation requires progress reports in order to keep an eye on the actual investment of resources made available in the selected project. The annual visits of the projects contribute to partnership and guarantee continuous attention for perfect condition of the projects. It does not stop after having finalized the project. From each kilogram Sunleaf Original Teas sold, a quality tea brand Axxent Masters in tea produced in Sri Lanka, € 0.50 paid is to the Foundation. Sunleaf therefore proudly carries the statement: "From and for origin".

<h2>Choosing a project<br></h2>

Choosing a project

The Fair Grounds Foundation was established by Axxent Masters in Tea in 2009. It is a Foundation with a social and responsability mission to improve working and living conditions in tea producing countries. 

Under own supervision the Fair Grounds Foundation is capable of investing directly in projects on tea estates. These projects, with focus on improvement of health care, housing and education, do directly contribute to the welfare of the local population. 

The board of the Foundation takes final decision about the projects which will be financed by the Foundation. 

Apart from bringing welfare, partnership and long-term relationships with the people on the estates is one of the key goals of the Foundation.