Foundation pays evaluation visit to tea estates

The first week of May the entire Board of the Foundation will pay a working visit to various tea estates in Sri Lanka. The evaluation of new projects will be central during these visits. The past months have been dominated by preparation and making choices with regard to possible projects. For example, the construction of a micro market, rebuilding and new construction of a daycare center and construction of a training room are on the short list. Based on available funds and wishes from various stakeholders, and in particular the wishes from the estate, choices will be made and new agreements will be made. 

The Fair-grounds Foundation is an independent, non-profit organization that ensures that the full financial and social contribution goes to projects where it can make a substantial difference such as education, housing and healthcare. All this with the aim of a better future for the people who live and work on tea plantations in Sri Lanka and India. The Fair-grounds Foundation works together with local partners for this.

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