A new floor for the Communitea Center in Sri lanka!

In cooperation with the Peeze Foundation and Hatton Plantations (owner of the tea estate), the Fair Grounds Foundation has built a Communitea Center (village house) in 2018 for families of the tea estate. The building is located at a central location on the tea estate with a view on the tea factory. The building offers space for various occasions such as weddings and national holidays, but also mourning ceremonies. It connects the community and is therefore of great value to the 600 families living on the tea estate.  

After weeks of preparations, the time has come: The building will have a second floor! The contract was signed this summer and the construction work has started. The construction is carried out by local contractors and residents in order to stimulate the local economy. If the weather is good, the second floor is expected to be completed early next year. The floor will offer space for training and workshops, for instance computer technology. Such a learning centre is currently not established, so this project offers many opportunities for further development. Again we could count on a kind contribution from the Peeze Foundation (generated from the sales of Communitea tea). We are very grateful for this.