Fair Grounds Foundation: an independent, non-profit organization

The Fair Grounds Foundation is an independent non-profit organization. Financial and social contribution goes to projects where we can make a real difference, such as education, housing and healthcare. These aspects are provided with the main objective to create a better future for the people who live and work on tea plantations in countries like Sri Lanka and India. For these projects, the Fair Grounds Foundation strongly cooperates with local partners.


Ethical Responsibility

Social responsibility and sustainability. As a core value, we encourage environmental protection and improvement of the working and living conditions in tea producing countries. We do so through our own Fair Grounds Foundation® where the allocation of our financial and social contribution is focussed on projects where we can make a real difference, like education, housing and healthcare.

We are also committed to reduce our ecological footprint by sourcing tea and packaging material that contribute to global conservation. Best examples are biodegradable and recyclable packaging material, organic products and certification of our ingredients.